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Tell Us What Happened in Your Last 10 Years!

Why Post Your #mdir?
Why Post Your #mdir?

How many decades do you have in a lifetime? Not many (sad but true!). Time is our most valuable resource, and no amount of money will grant you any more time. Cherish and appreciate the time you have. As we begin a new decade, look back on the last 10 years and celebrate the ups, downs, and the people who help you make every day worth living for!

How To: Write out your story here, share on Facebook or your choice of social media. Because most likely, your story is too long for the FB feed. Don't forget to use topics and hashtags so people can find your story and you can find others with similar life stories!

My Decade in Review

Snapshot of Life's Long Journey

The years of 2010 - 2020 has brought many life changing experiences and emotions that came along with them. I am who I am today from every decision I made to events that took place that were out of my... (More)

How I Went from a Bright-Eyed College Grad Corporate Lifer to a Raccoon-Eyed New Mom Trying to Save the World from Plastic Pollution

USC '10 -> Turner Construction -> Flatiron School '14 -> Columbia Business School '18 -> bobagreen 2020

2010Graduated USC with BSE in civil engineering. Moved back home without a job bc no one was really hiring (construction was still... (More)
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