The years of 2010 - 2020 has brought many life changing experiences and emotions that came along with them. I am who I am today from every decision I made to events that took place that were out of my control. 

In 2010, it was my second year in college. My high school sweetheart and I both attended the same school together. I just changed my major to education, as I always had a passion for helping the next generation of the youth to help and guide them to continously become better version of themselves and to society. I became roommates with my now best friend, who I continued to live with after our college days. 

By 2013, I graduated with my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Education. My girlfriend, at the time, and I started drifting apart. We started growing up and realized we wanted different things in life. It was a mature and healthy break up. I wish her well and happiness with her future. I started my first teaching job at a high school in a district, where I have remained in the next 7 years. 

With that being said, a lot has happened during that time, which all kind of blended together. So, I'll just share some highlights. 

I started my first professional job in a career that I am passionate in. I moved out from my parents' house right after college in a condo with my best friend. Learned a lot of new responsibilities that came with that. 

I traveled around to many places in the US including California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Some for special occasions and some for fun. I am starting to build an interest for traveling and I look forward to do more of it for years to come. 

I was also given the opportunity to go to New Orleans and Washington DC for conferences as a representative of my school. My first principal who hired me, and someone who I have great respect for, eventually retired. I received my educational tenure and then decided to go back to school for my 6th Year degree (for school leadership/administration). I persevered through some tough times and put in long hours to complete my degree, along with some long process of exams for my certification. Afterwards, I began with taking on more administrative roles in my school and district, while still being an educator to my students. I have gone through some good years, some great years, and some tough ones throughout my tenure in the school. The best thing about this career is that there is always a new school year and new beginnings. 

So I remind myself each day, and something to leave you with, is to cherish each moment whether it was good or bad, it will gone and tomorrow is a new day with new moments.